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  • En Pointe


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    "Have you ever had an addiction? An obsession? Have you ever wanted something so much that you can't imagine your life without it? For me, that's dance."
    This is a story about never giving up on your dreams, no matter what life throws at you.
    Chloe Bayliss was born to perform and thanks to a lot of hard work and determination, she's on her way to being a ballerina. At sixteen, she gets accepted into an international dance school and everything she dreamed of is about to come true.
    But then overnight a mystery illness takes Chloe from starring in Swan Lake to clinging to life in a hospital bed.

    Never in her wildest dreams could she have imagined
    the hurdles she would face but also how she would eventually triumph. Against all odds, she finds a whole new way to flourish, and despite the challenges she faces, Chloe never stops dreaming big.

    En Pointe is the real-life story of how an aspiring ballerina became an inspiring young actor after overcoming a life-threatening illness.

    Miracles really can happen, even if they're not the ones you asked for.

    Author: BAYLISS, CHLOE

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